About SpanishCorrector.com

What can I do with this tool?

SpanishCorrector.com finds and highlights spelling errors, as well as many basic grammar and style mistakes, in Spanish texts, and offers suggestions for improvement. When there are two or more correct options, you are prompted to choose one of them.

What can’t I do with this tool?

Finding every error in a text is difficult, even for a professional proofreader. Computers are very good at finding spelling mistakes and can often pick up other kinds of errors. However, without a real understanding of the text, it is impossible for a program to discover all grammatical, stylistic, diction and factual errors.

Therefore, especially for important texts, we recommend that you not rely exclusively on this (or any) tool, but use a professional editor or proofreader to ensure that your document is as good as it can be.

Programs used to create this tool

Hunspell, DICTION and LanguageTool.

Do you support other languages?

This site only supports Spanish. But you can use one of the following websites for other languages: